Monday, June 12, 2017

Week day warmachine

              Several weeks ago, I had the pleasure of facing Cane III.  My friend Corc came in from out of town to do battle on the field of honor.  Cygnar has ever been my nemesis so I figured this would be an excellent learning opportunity.  I seared a couple steaks, had a great dinner, and faced down PP’s newest bad-boy.


My list or bringing the big guns:

·       Conquest

·       Man-o-War Shocktroopers (full)


Corcs list or I’ll prove to you that size does not matter:

·       Caine's Hellslingers

·       Charger

·       Charger

·       Hunter

·       Ace

·       Journeyman Warcaster

·       Charger

·       Thorn Gun Mages



This was a basic test run.  We just wanted to try our lists out against someone competent and get a feel for new product.  I got conquest back from my painting god a couple weeks earlier and yearned to see him on-table.  Corc does not get much chance to play and wanted to see if his concept was valid.

              The only relevant terrain was a big forest splotch in my lower right-hand quadrant and a bunker building midway up the field on the right-hand side.  I won the roll and chose first.  Against swans you have to cover that ground or you’ll be cut to ribbons by defensive fire before you get close to combat.  Victory favors a long-range gun and a strong shield wall—or so I hoped.

1.       I set up in the middle of my zone with the shock troopers in shield wall, conquest on the left, and Zerkova behind the man-o-war line.  Corc set up mostly on the right hand far line with the thorn gun mages farther left for a flanking move. The mage hunter went far right and out front.

2.       I ran my boys up and right, pushed conquest to the edge of their line, and put Zerkova behind the metal wall far enough to be out of range of black penny.  She dropped the cloud wall and I passed the turn.  Corc ran most of his list down my right flank, using the bunker as cover.  Jr. put arcane shield on the hellslingers.  The gun mages jinked left to flank my forces.

3.       I walked my shock troopers forward in shield wall, moved conquest forward with a failed scatter attempt toward the elf, and Zerkova moved up with feat popped and dropped a couple clouds in front of the iron wall.  Zerkova was up against the forest with the shock troopers to her left and conquest on the left of their shield wall.  Corc checked the wording on my feat, and moved to consolidate in anticipation of next turn.  The gun mages moved farther down the left flank.  2 chargers cut loose on the shock troopers doing a grand total of 3 damage.  Eiryss ran down to the forest edge hoping to disrupt Zerkova next turn.

4.       I checked a bunch of ranges, saw a ton of targets and promptly forgot about the plan.  After my last game against Sloan, I was so happy to actually get in range of things I neglected the larger strategy.  Also, I probably should have read Cain’s card before playing…but enough excuses.  Conquest powered up, moved back a bit, and used its main gun to one-shot the gun mages into oblivion.  I hadn’t allocated him any focus and figured what the heck, might as well use those secondary batteries.  It was not as if anyone was going to be charging into a creeping barrage.  I unloaded 4 shots into the nearest charger.  I managed to scratch it for 3 damage…until the last shot which scattered and killed JR outright—truck ya high explosive!  Zerkova activated, hit Eiryss with a fatal frost hammer, and backed up on five camp.  The MOW had no range to charge so backed up to the maximum range of their shield cannons, shield walled, and cut loose on the nearest charger—immobilizing it but otherwise leaving it fully operational.  Cain activated, moved up, popped feat, and started the math train.  The center MOW took a shadow fire shot for a couple damage after Cain and company scratched the paint on the unit.  A couple chargers shot through the MOW, darned cheaty shadow fire, and splattered zerkova.  Game—Swans.  I am going to take Cygnar down one of these days.


1.       I really really should have read Cain’s card.  Mage sight only affects models covered by the AOE.  It does not dispel clouds.  So, even if the shock troopers got shadow fired, if Zerkova was not under the template, she still would have benefited from the clouds.  Also, I could have just dropped a cloud on her.  Defense 17 is nothing to sneeze at even if he hit me with the template.

2.       I am not afraid of the elf.  In MKI she was the bane of my existence.  Now she just walks up and dies.  Premeasuring spelled the end of her hold over me.  I have seen her multiple times in this and the previous edition and she has fallen without affect every time.

3.       That was probably a winnable game.  If I had known my enemy just a tad bit better, I could have bated him out and killed Cain with Conquest.  Corc said that he had nothing to deal with a gargossul.

4.       I need to give her a try with hillbillies and Hutchuk.  That flanking crap would not have flown if I had ambushing knockdown and some cheap guns available on command.

5.       I liked conquest in theory.  Now I like him in practice.   High explosive will not fix every problem but it darn sure is worth gambling on.  I am not sure he is Zerkova’s best option but he is fun.

6.       Caster kill is no-fun in general play.  It is great to show you weaknesses in general mechanics though.  I only wish I could have played a couple more games before Corc had to hit the road.

7.       Shock troopers are just solid.  Armor 21 is beastly.  If I ever get my officer painted I really want to test them at full power.

8.       I am getting close to the point where 25 points and caster kill are not enough.  It may be time to switch casters and try a couple bigger games.

9.       I am solidly improving.  Getting my teeth kicked in is the best teaching method.  Here’s to losing gracefully…freaking Swans😉


That’s all for now.  I have to think on Zerkova.  I have this strange affinity for her clunky design and weird interactions.  There might be something wrong with me.  I keep dropping ice into my glass of bourbon and wondering when the god of air-conditioning is going to show up (fluff joke for those not acquainted with the setting.)  More militant recounting later.

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