Sunday, August 21, 2016

Project Status

              Every once in a while, I like going through my projects and seeing what I have going on.  It helps to compare the list to previous entries—sometimes I’m up on points and sometimes, not so much.



·       All pig casters done

·       Both meat threshers done

·       All my current beasts done

·       Still have 2 razor backs and 2 units of slaughterhousers to do

·       Khador new battle box in process along with matching older jacks of the same type

·       Man-o-war units almost done—should be complete by mid-September

·       Still have Jr war caster, Dragoon, and angel of retribution to put in the pipeline

·       Need to get Jayson to repaint my marauders so that everything matches

·       Need to obtain and add classic B1 and metal s1 to pipe line—going to grab Z1 and I1 later but these two will do for now

·       At minimum looking at getting the upcoming shock trooper command attachment

·       All collections currently cased and ready to rock


Flames of War:

·       French are completely done save for three objectives which Jayson has said are on their way

·       Fourth Indians are mostly done but still need a finishing gloss.

·       If Deathquaker goes on this route, need 8 transport trucks, 3 Matildas, and a second unit of portees to round out the force.  Was going to go with carriers but everything in the army is already so expensive, I do not see cheap machineguns making their points back.

·       I will probably end up going with a custom transport for this force if I ever expand the selection.


Blood Bowl:

·       Dwarves are done

·       Amazons are on the list as soon as Jayson finishes up with my existing warjacks for warmachine

·       Debating working on a better system for playing the game—board, templates…etc.

·       Teams are cased


Man Cave:

·       Desk and project space are done

·       Storage is adequate for the moment—will need to find better/more options in future if collection continues to expand

·       Would like to get into local versions of my survival radios at some point in 2017

·       Would like to see if I can re-wire cable to get direct internet access here so can work from home reliably



·       AR10 has magazines, buis, a stock of ammunition, and loading tool.  May end up selling if the election panic ramps up though—especially if Hilary wins better be prepared for a more restrictive environment

·       Need to learn how to take down and clean shotguns, lever actions, and 45 pump rifle

·       Learned how to disassemble and clean 1911s

·       Learned how to disassemble and clean my revolvers

·       Have a reasonable stock of home defense and range ammunition

·       Got the ultrasonic cleaner up and running (thanks wmtg)

·       Need to figure out what I am going to do with two family restoration pieces got from J—currently not sure if the work will justify the end product

·       Need to get a bigger and more consolidated gun safe so I do not have all these keys and stamped sheet metal boxes

·       Need to get holsters for 1911 and possibly the black hawk—depends on intended final use

·       If keeping the AR10, need to pick up a solid optic


Misc Projects:

·       Set up a secure home defense model that is kid safe

·       Put serious effort into hitting range and possibly self-defense class

·       Kull and organize board game collection

·       Start work on getting back into dragon dice


That is all for now.  I am making Progress—especially warmachine and blood bowl.  The key is apparently not buying anything else until I clean out my existing back log.