Sunday, May 8, 2016

Contest Results

              My weight loss program ended May third; so I have been resting and refueling for the last week.  I am so stuffed with protein it is not even funny.  Starting Monday, I am back on the “plan.”  Letting myself go for a couple of days was fun at times but generally left me feeling uncomfortable.  I just do not enjoy fried and/or heavy food any more.



My results from March Eighth through May third:

Final weight 233.6=Lost -28.2 lbs.

Final Body fat: 31.7%

Lost -3.7%

Lost -18.62 lbs. of pure body fat

Lost -9.58 lbs. of lean muscle mass


Girth measurements in inches:

Arm- no change

Chest -2.25

Waist -1

Abs -3

Hips -3.75

Thigh -1

Total -11


              I took third place overall and first place at my location—far better than I expected.  Some observations with thoughts and musings to follow in a separate post:


·       The body fat measurement came after a full workout so was affected by my general dehydration.  I do not take the electro-tester thingy seriously because it is so easily affected by the amount of water in your system.

·       I, like most people in the contest, did everything I could to push the end number down including working out before the weigh in, changing to a dry shirt, and exercising three out of four days at the end.  Weight is not “just a number.”  It is a statistic that can be easily influenced in the short term.  In the long term, it can be a good trend indicator.  This is why I do not sweat the day to day changes or take too much pride in one off gains/losses.

·       This was a fun contest.  In future I may go to the 2 months on and one month off model.


While I impressed a lot of the people at the gym, the real test will be seeing if I can maintain the loss and good eating habits over the next couple months.  I can force myself to go without for 60 days.  Doing so on a longer sustainable scale is the real challenge.

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