Thursday, January 23, 2014

The making of an action hero, pt 42

There’s a fine line between sucking it up and needless stupidity. Somewhere between “don’t be a wimp” and “stop you’re wining or I’ll break your other arm” one needs to decide when something is serious enough to see the doctor. I’m not at that point yet, but I’m getting there.

I’ve been restricting physical activity for two weeks giving my foot time to heal. The regular application of anti-inflammatory and heat has helped. I’ve been able to walk relatively consistently rather than going horribly lame as in the past. I’m happy that I haven’t had to make an emergency trip to express care for prescription strength help. But we’re fast approaching the point where if the issue doesn’t fix itself I’m going to see the doctor.

I hate going to the doctor. It costs money, usually requires me to take a day off, requires finding transportation, and often involves getting tests and referrals which suck up yet more time and money. Paradoxically, I like my doctor. He’s honest without being condescending and acknowledges the limitations of real life. I know that if this doesn’t heal up soon it’s more than a simple problem. I need to get it on the record both to get it treated and to make sure that if it recurs there’s a record of the issue. But I really hate going to the doctor.

On the upside, my hip, elbow, and back are all healing up nicely. Not exercising seems to agree with me. I’m down to 281.4 pounds this morning, a 3 pound drop this month in spite of terrible early diet control. Even when we went to taco bell on Tuesday, I got my standard low-cal option. I’ve stuck with the lesser intake work meals and it seems to be paying off. I’ve been transferring money out of my general account to earmarked savings so I don’t have the cash available for incidental meal purchases. I don’t exactly feel better, but I do feel like I’m getting back on track. My goal is to get down less than 280 pounds by the end of January and then keep focused on the diet before exercise for 2014.

I should be exercising, but it seems like every time I really get going I end up putting myself down. I’ve been picking my routine from an instructional DVD with the help of sighted friends. To date my assumption has been that if the video says to do it I should try and do it. That concept is getting trashed. There are a few movements like the ankle stretches, side lunges, and back lunges that just aren’t working. Either I can’t do the movement safely or pushing through is over-stressing joints. So all three of those are out until further notice. I’ll take it easy on the front lunges and work more for cardio than for stretch too. Ok, I’ll do that when my foot comes back which will hopefully be soon. My original goal was to work through the entire DVD by the end of 2014. Now, I’m going to take it slow. I may even cut back to 3 times a week instead of every other day. I’m going to stop focusing on exercise as a primary goal and look at it as an enhancement. The diet has to come first.

One of the things that has really helped with the diet is spice. I love Sriracha. I love hot, flavorful seasoning. We bought a case of 30 oz Sriracha bottles recently and I’m going through one a month. A little bit flavors recipes. A couple tablespoons refresh leftovers and make some unwanted dishes palatable. Spice kicks up your metabolism and aids in digestion. Last year I liked Sriracha and hot spices. Now I love them. I use my tonguespank seasonings on lots of things. I spread Sriracha like ketchup on leftovers. Kicking the food up a couple degrees seems to kill the residual urge to keep eating. I’m looking for new ways to spice up meals, especially lunch.


Breakfast=the rest of my leftover banana bread.

Work meal=roast beef and provolone on wheat and an apple.

Dinner=the last of my tropical chicken and rice leftovers.

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