Thursday, October 24, 2013

The making of an action hero pt35

I’m tired. Not didn’t-get-enough-sleep-tired but warn-the-heck-out tired. As I noted previously, I’ve gone to an every-other-day exercise schedule. This is good in that many of my physical complaints have gone away. Unfortunately that change came at the cost of a decreased weight loss rate. To be fair part of that is also that I’ve held back on the diet some in the name of reducing cravings—but the rate is still down. Knowing that criminals are plotting their plans for world domination while I’m getting back into form, I decided to up my game yesterday. I moved from the five to the ten pound clubs. Wow, @@###!!! That was ruff. After the first few exercises, mainly leg based, I could feel the weight. After the next few I had to really work to get the job done. By the end of the workout it took most of my focus just to keep going. I told the brunette that I didn’t expect going up five pounds to be that difficult. She mentioned that I doubled my weight. The truth is probably somewhere between those perspectives. The clubs are made so that the bulk of the weight flares out in front of the grip like the barrel of a baseball bat. In order to make the club heavier, the diameter of the barrel and the grip is increased. The result is a bigger, more unwieldy, outward flaring steel tube. The weight out at the end of the club provides tork above and beyond the mere weight of the unit. So it makes sense that it would be more difficult to handle. Even so, I didn’t realize how comfortable I’ve become with the five pound clubs until I tried to push through a 45 minute workout with the ten pounders. I’m tired, but not excessively sore. So I’m either not working hard enough or my body is getting used to exercise. I’m still trying to find the right balance. In the beginning strictly limiting my diet wasn’t a big deal. Since then I’ve found that mixing in some less healthy but more fulfilling options helps stabilize and prevent emotional eating. The nice part of this experiment is that I’m learning to cook things like bread, biscuits, and cake that I used to find intimidating. I’m even less inclined now to order out than before. The challenging part is that I’m learning to make things like bread, biscuits, and cake…which means we have them around the house more often. I’m finding that restricting these projects to special occasions, such as when we have company or we’re visiting friends, allows me to enjoy my own cooking while limiting my exposure. Having fresh banana bread for breakfast is nice, but it gets old when you end up having to eat it for several days in a row while the potential for snacking increases drastically. This weekend I have the bond-a-thon, 9+ hours of James bond movies+drinks+dinner+friends at our place. That is followed two days later by the brunette and my seven year wedding anniversary. I’m going to take this as the end of the easier period I’ve been going through and start picking it up. I’ll focus more on healthier meal choices. I’ll pick up the club workout pace with the end goal to be going through the entire video with the five pound clubs by the end of the year. This is going to be a challenge. But I think it will be good to push myself out of the comfort zone. I’m happy that working out every other day, not ordering out, making my lunches, weighing in, and watching my intake has become my comfort zone. Now I need to add more to that list. Weight today=281.8 pounds. Intake: Breakfast=A banana, banana bread, and milk. Work meal=an apple, tuna salad, and unsalted almonds. Dinner=Leftover pasta with meatballs and veggies.

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