Friday, September 20, 2013

The making of an action hero pt32

Entry #31. The past couple weeks have been good to me. My solar savaging from the tubing adventure is finally healing up. As of today I’m down to 282.6 pounds, putting me at a total loss of 30 pounds for project action hero. Last weekend I walked through the topiary gardens with agent Squish and hiked around town with Deathquaker. I’ve managed to keep generally on target despite eating out more than I’d like. I’m also discovering that moderation is more important than I thought. After several days of chronic aches and pains, I’ve lightened up on the sets and reps in my morning workout. It’s hard enough getting up in the morning, I’m concerned that pushing myself too often before my muscles have had time to warm up may do more damage than good. I’m hoping to go through the cardio section of my club video this weekend. The parts I’ve been doing so far have become relatively easy. I think adding another series to the workout will make me more comfortable cutting back to two sets of each exercise group instead of three. If you’ve never done this before, fat people have to be careful how much stress they put on their working joints. You can do irreparable damage to knees, ankles, and shoulders if you push them too far. I can feel myself getting stronger. My muscles are more firm. I have more power and grace in my movements. If I let that growth push me into overconfidence though I’ll do something stupid. Along the same lines, I’ve tried to ease up on the dietary restrictions every once in a while. At first I thought cravings were just a symptom of mental weakness. Now I’m not so sure. The cheeseburger/charred meat thing seems to hit after I’ve been avoiding beef products for a while. The wracking hunger seems to hit after I’ve been working out heavily. I’ve proven to myself that I can eat healthily. Now I think I need to make sure that the strict dieting I’ve been doing doesn’t end up with me so deprived that I go intermittently crazy. On other fronts, my battle group arrived from BTP, so I’m now officially able to start playing warmachine again. I’ve got some khador models I’ll be trying to trade at a swap meet in October. So until then I’ll be looking to play smaller games. It will be nice to get back into miniature gaming. RPG time has been lacking lately. Dragonstorm hasn’t taken off like I wanted and most of my other RPGs are languishing for various reasons. I need to see if agent Corc is interested in stopping by Titan games this weekend. WMTrainguy and I need to get in some more warmachine and flames of war. I really want to try out my painted fourth Indians at Titan, heck my Khador too. Of course, that requires me to read up on the rules, but I’ll get there. It feels lately like I have to work a lot more at my hobbies. Deathquaker has agreed, tentatively, to take on my proposed legion project time and finances permitting. That project won’t start until March though. The rest of my Khador is waiting on funding. I’d like to play/run more RPGs, but enthusiasm is limited. We’ll be starting a new Iron Kingdoms RPG soon, so hopefully that pans out well. Every other Thursday seems doable. I’m looking for that next thing to take my fancy—preferably something with a minimal monetary component. Maybe I’ll take a trip up to Alternate Worlds and see what game nights they have open. I need to find something to obsess over that won’t cost a fortune. It seems like every “thing” I encounter lately either fizzles out or requires thousands of dollars of investment to get where I want to go. Perhaps it’s time for me to finish up the beast cave and focus on something else, like creative writing. In the mean time it’s off to friends’ dinner this evening followed by one of the few completely free weekends we’ve had recently. Intake for today: Breakfast=A fruit shake, very unsatisfying. I’ll be using more of our pumpkin over the weekend and getting some more almond milk and bananas. The difference between a smoothie and a shake is apparently the portion of frozen fruit you put in—who knew. I’m not a fan of smoothies, so must strive for more shake-like breakfasts. Work meal=an apple, a cheese stick, and an egg salad wrap with a side of tuna salad. I was particularly hungry today. Having recently finished off my stash of unsalted almonds, I broke my three month ban on the cafeteria to supplement my lunch. That was…disappointing. The food was ok, but I have no special desire to return. Note to self, must bring in snacks on Monday and make up some new wraps. I obviously need to switch up my lunch selection. Dinner=whatever the friends put out, reportedly pizza, salad, garlic bread, and dessert of some kind. My plan is to have two pieces of pizza and then if I’m still hungry attack the salad without mercy. Unless the dessert is really good, resisting shouldn’t be that hard. Of course the wife in that pair works at wegmans so who knows what delicacies will be present.

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