Sunday, August 11, 2013

The return of Dragon Storm

So dragon storm is back up …sort of. I received an email today stating that Tim has taken over and will be producing 2.0 cards, developing new product, running the website, and handling the guild (most likely with some veteran assistance.) I have some concerns. Even so, my gut response is positive. Dragon storm is one of the few gaming products I fell for head-over-heals. It’s simple, intuitive, and has the right mix of munchkin and RP. I’ve run and played in more DS games than any other system by a major margin. However, after Mark’s tragic passing, I lost some faith. Month after month went by without any news from Sue or her inner circle. I was a relative newcomer to the DS community. Mark had begun including me on product reviews and corresponding looking for assistance with projects, but I wasn’t a councilor or published contributor. As my longstanding skype campaign came to a close, I began to question what the future of DS would be. This corresponded with a slump in skype gaming frequency. I’ve tried twice now to get people together to play and haven’t been able to muster even 3 players. I’m a good GM, not a spectacular GM mind you, but a good GM. People just don’t have the time or the desire. I’ve never run into a situation where I was willing to run a game and I didn’t have at least 3 takers until now. Hopefully this light at the end of the tunnel will prompt the community to begin running and playing again. I’ve put up a game for this coming Saturday for the skype group. I’ll be buying up some of the 2.0 cards that I didn’t get to before the fall of the old market. I will tentatively begin making DS a priority. The catch of course is that the negative baggage built up over the last nine months isn’t going away. I’ve probably lost one good friend over the fall of Ds and have grown apart from another. Many of our group have stopped responding to emails altogether. The drive to develop new games, test beta cards, and support the game is weak. I want DS to become the game it deserves to be. I want production to be undertaken with a less reactionary and more thoughtful eye towards the future. I want to play the kinds of games I used to play. I want to make the games that used to bring players clamoring to my table. I am willing to commit a serious amount of time and resources to that cause. I don’t need a title. I simply need the opportunity. Here’s hoping that happens.

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