Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The making of an action hero pt24

Entry #23. Saturday was a perfect day. I went to the range with agent Cherylkat and her husband, the enlightened mercenary Corc. Some days things just click. I nailed three Xs with my 1911, one of which was a double tap. I snagged a fourth with my friends’ lever action .38. I plinked for a while with my .22 revolver and enjoyed the moment. Following that, agents Squish, MX, and I went up to the local shopping center to hack and hike. It was a misty day with threatening clouds. The murky weather kept the crowds away, leaving us to wage our virtual war in peace. We had lunch at our place and played ascension on Squish’s iPad. I like sitting back and playing a game for a few hours with friends. No stress, no expectations, just a fun game while I take care of small chores and play with MX. Doing things is fun too. Sometimes though it’s nice not to have a specific task in mind. That evening we played our once-a-month pathfinder game. I mixed up a pitcher of ginger peach whiskey punch and laid out some cheese and crackers for the group. We spent a few hours delving into Deathquakers dungeon, laughing at each other, and having fun. It was nice to just sit back and play an RPG for once. No drama, no stress, just a few friends letting go for a bit. I’ve started using the nutribullet blender. It’s a different style than I’m used to. You take the 16 ounce cup or 22 ounce pitcher and cram it full of whatever you want to process. Then you fill up any remaining space up to the fill point with a liquid, almond milk or water in my case. Once that’s done, you screw the blender head to the top of the container, turn it over, press it into the base, and let the motor do it’s thing. When you’re done you remove the container from the base, flip it over, and unscrew the blender head, and voila! Smoothie/shake. The advantage to this design is that the containers are measured for individual serving sizes and the motor is super strong. You don’t have to pore multiple cups from an unwieldy pitcher. The extractor head powered by the 600 horse power motor pulverizes anything you put in the container. In theory there are health benefits to breaking down the food pre-digestion. Theoretically, blending the meal breaks down the cellular walls that would normally have to be handled by the digestive process. By doing this pre-ingestion, the body is supposed to be able to extract more nutritional value from the resulting health-goo than would otherwise be possible. I don’t know if that’s true or not; but there are some advantages to using the nutribullet. Since the containers are individually sized, you can assemble your breakfast blend the night before and just process your meal the following morning. The blender really is mighty. This morning I added two cups of cooked oatmeal, two handfuls of spinach, a hand full of raspberries, a banana, and some almond milk to the 22 ounce container. It blended everything, including the oatmeal, down to a rich creamy consistency. Whether or not the power-blended food is better for you, it’s quick and easy to get down—a definite time saver. I have a couple of minor quibbles with the base set up. I would have preferred two large and two small containers, rather than the two small and one large provided. Likewise, it often feels like there’s one less cover, cup rim, and blender head than optimal. The screw on mechanic is fine—I absolutely want to make sure the containers are sealed when I turn them over to use the blender base; but there’s no catch to hold them in place once you have them tightened down. My only major complaint thus far has to do with the way you have to measure your ingredients into the containers. Since the blender head isn’t part of the base like a standard blender pitcher, you have to leave room at the top of the container when filling it up. Going past the designated line results in health goo leaking out the bottom of the base when the motor is engaged—so you want to get the measurement right the first time. The issue is that as you’re trying to compact the material into the container, getting that level right is trickier than it sounds. It is absolutely essential that you don’t over-fill the container and that you get the blender head seated securely. For such a simple efficient design, you’d think they could have put a little more thought into this aspect. The Amazon reviews are full of goop-spewing blenders, likely because the person ignored those two basic maxims—don’t over-fill and screw it on tight. If I screw it up, at least when I order the replacement I’ll finally have enough containers. I’ll do a more detailed review later, after I’ve had a couple months to put it through its paces. In the mean time, it’s health-goop for breakfast. Weight today was 296.2 pounds. Breakfast was the previously mentioned health shake. Work meal was a pepper turkey Swiss wrap and an apple. Dinner was a bowl and a half of chicken pesto pasta and a piece of leftover apple cake for dessert.

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