Thursday, July 18, 2013

The making of an action hero pt16

Entry #15. I need a new belt. I’m not sure whether that’s due to my recent fitness efforts or my current belt wearing out. I’m pretty sure my circumference has reduced by an inch or two but that could be wishful thinking on my part. Regardless, I get to go shopping! I used to be a clothes horse—one of those people that clothes seemed to be made for. When you’re shaped like that belts are useful but not essential. The natural taper of the legs and torso tend to hold up pants. When guys put on weight they end up with the gut conundrum—over or under. This is a serious question with major fashion implications. You can go for suspenders which neatly solve the problem but leave you looking out of touch with the modern age. You can wear the belt over the gut which, besides making you look a little dorky, works fine until the outward pressure of the stomach on the pants forces them to slide off. If none of those appeal, you can wear the belt under the gut and constantly fight to hold your pants up. My personal preference is to get a belt with some room for adjustment that you can wear under the gut by tightening it as much as possible. So I’ve been measuring and researching and come up with two purchases that meet my needs. The first is a mahogany double stitched leather belt with nickel buckle from UBG holsters. This is a real heavy leather belt, not like the thin easily stretched piece I’ve been wearing for the past few years. I’ve been considering getting one of these for a while as part of my perfect pocket pistol project (more on that in a future post.) It will look good, helps complete a project, and since the vender hand makes them based on the customer’s measurements it should fit well too. This will be my dress/public belt. The second is a heavy duty synthetic wilderness instructor belt. One of the problems I run into with leather belts is that they stretch over time. Eventually all that beautiful cowhide is an inch or longer than it used to be. The most commonly used notch begins to expand and warp. The solution, use a belt in informal settings that can’t stretch. Enter the wilderness instructor belt. This monster is rated at 5,900 pounds--minimum. One of the customer testimonials describes the successful use of a wilderness instructor belt as a toe hitch for a car. So yes, this thing shouldn’t stretch under my pidly 300+ pounds. Bonus, it will match my combat boots. I freely admit that part of the attraction to the “action hero program” is that I get to buy and use cool stuff. That was one of my promises to myself…as long as I keep the faith I get to reap the benefits. I like nice things, fine scotch, custom firearms, high-tech gear…you name it. At some level this comes down to me rationalizing a purchase I probably would have made anyway. On another level though, I need something to take my mind off all the stuff I’m not eating/drinking/buying every day. I’m not deprived by any stretch of the imagination. After years of poor eating, even when I’m not particularly hungry sometimes it feels like I’m cutting all the joy out of my life—bad food, good liquor, soda, caffeine…etc. An astute read of that sentence will show that I don’t really care about those things…I just feel their absence—much like when an amputee feels their lost limb itching. That’s part of why I keep searching for new recepies, new ways to spend time outside, and new ways to positively reinforce good choices. It’s one thing to stop eating unhealthy choices. But at some level I have to replace the joy I got from those behaviors with something better. On a related topic, I’ve decided to clarify my philosophy re-alcohol. I’ve had maybe six drinks in the last month—usually at eateries or at friends’ homes. I don’t need alcohol, but I do like to drink socially, especially in large groups. On the one hand I want to get a bottle of something to celebrate my success during our upcoming Friday night dinner gathering. On the other I feel guilty thinking about it due to the expense and the calories (both of which could be better spent elsewhere.) After talking to the brunette about it, I’ve decided to hold off purchasing any alcohol, save for major events, until September. The local liquor store has a deal then where everything in the store goes for a dollar over wholesale. This gives me something to look forward too, as I’m planning on 3-4 nice bottles. It also removes some of the conflicting feelings I have on the subject. Today started off well with a 303.2 pound weigh in. Provided I finish at less than 305 pounds tomorrow, that will put this week at a decrease from last week’s average of 305.5. I thought it was wishful thinking, but I really do seem to be losing weight at a modest rate. Today’s intake: Breakfast=a bowl of oatmeal with honey, a banana, and a glass of water. Work=an apple, a pepper turkey and Swiss wrap, a Greek yogurt, and a few unsalted almonds. Dinner=a bowl of chicken and rice with mixed veggies.

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