Wednesday, July 4, 2012

I Have Been Blogging!

I went and did it. I took that little step, the first one down the unknown road. Up till now I’ve been posting on livejournal as a therapeutic exercise. Having the internets watching plus a few of my friends was supposed to give me a forum for my ideas and an audience for my creative content.

The reality is that since livejournal isn’t searchable by said internets, the only people reading my blog were the ones I invited. So, forum for my ideas, check. Audience for my creative work, not-so-much.

A few years ago I didn’t care if anyone was reading my posts. I had a few friends in the livejournal community, but nobody who wrote often. My work at that time was dedicated to recording my range sessions with L and a few memorable life moments. Since then I’ve written several articles on a variety of subjects, honed my writing style, and decided that at 35, I need to have some confidence in my work.

So Monday I set up a blogger account. I’m in the process of getting it to cross post with Livejournal and creating a linked Adsense account. Full disclosure, I have big plans for the future here. My intent is to write weekly reviews of products, editorials, and start posting chapters of some stories I began for an old creative writing group.

My hope is that this material will do two things. First, I’d like to meet more people with similar interests and creative leanings. Second, most of the hobbies and products I would like to write about cost money. I’m under no illusions that I will suddenly become independently wealthy as a byproduct of my awesomeness. Still, my hope is that the topics and products I write about will generate enough cash that I can purchase other like-materials for review and personal enjoyment. I’m sure that’s what lots of people think when they start this process. I simply hope that the potential for monetary compensation will push me to write frequently.

So here we go, stage fright, check. New beginning completely dependent on my own amount of stick-to-ittedness? Check. They say writing something down helps…here’s hoping.

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